( ᵅั ᴈ ᵅั;)~♬
-Endless Pain Tattoos-

@Pose Fair 2017

[CX] Skeletal Chain ( Gold )
[CX] Project Harpoon - Black (Maitreya)
[CX] Chinese Lantern 2017 v1.2

[CX] The Opium Den
[CX] Chen Tou (L)
[CX] Yan Deng - Gold
[CX] Yan Deng - Silver
[CX] Yan Deng - Black
[CX] Dragon Yan Qiang - Gold (Bed Version 2)
[CX] Dragon Yan Qiang - Black (Bed Version 2)
[CX] Yan Pan
[CX] Opium Table
[CX] Opium Bed
The Seasons Story

skin: [KiiKO] Skin applier for Catya ::Nokaze::12RARE
tram  D428 hair / gray

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