[monso] My Hair - Coco/MIX

00[Cubic Cherry] {Dark Ruler} horns OBSIDIAN (lootbox excl)
00[Cubic Cherry] {Dark Ruler} crown OBSIDIAN (lootbox excl)
01[Cubic Cherry] {Dark Ruler} hand  RARE
10[Cubic Cherry] {Dark Ruler} eyes GOLD L
15[Cubic Cherry] {Dark Ruler} eyes OBSIDIAN R

*Tentacio and .{PSYCHO:Byts}.* Eternal night. Elvira body RARE
*Tentacio and .{PSYCHO:Byts}.* Eternal night.Hungry shoes blac
RO - Danse Macabre - Ruins Stage RARE
RO - Danse Macabre - Throne RARE

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